Want To Become a Brand Ambassador?

What Is a Brand Ambassador? 🌙

A brand ambassador is a person who works with Midnight Moon to represent our brand in a positive light and promote our products. 

What Do I Get As A Brand Ambassador? 🌙

As a Midnight Moon Brand Ambassador we offer you a wide range of product discounts depending on which level ambassador you are:

Level 1:

  • What we offer is a 50% off on all in-stock products. All you need to do as a level 1 ambassador is post at least 2 Instagram stories and one feed post of you wearing the jewellery/promoting our brand. You will be given a code for 10% off to promote over your socials as well.

Level 2: 

  • What we offer is two free pieces of jewellery each month and 50% off any other in-stock products. All you need to do is post one Instagram post promoting Midnight Moon and two Instagram stories. We will also provide you with a 15% off discount code to give your followers.

How Do I Become a Brand Ambassador? 🌙

DM us on instagram or email us at for more info/if you have any questions regarding our ambassador program.