Sanddollar Necklace | Waterproof Jewellery
Sand Dollar Necklace
Sanddollar Necklace | Mermaid Jewellery
Sand Dollar Necklace
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Sand Dollar Necklace

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"The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever"

🐚 This sandollar necklace is for those who feel at home in the ocean, with salty hair and bare feet. Wear the ocean with you in our unique ocean lover jewellery. Made in 925 sterling silver all our ocean jewellery is perfect to wear in the water and to never take off

🐚 Part Size: 21mm x 28mm and comes with a 45cm sterling silver chain! 

🐚 Did you know that sand dollars, in addition to being fascinating marine creatures, have a mythical connection as well? These intriguing echinoderms are often referred to as "mermaid money" due to a captivating folklore surrounding them.According to legend, mermaids would collect sand dollars from the ocean floor and use them as a form of currency in their underwater world. These delicate treasures were believed to bring good luck and serve as a token of fortune.